About the Practice

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Our friendly doctors and staff look forward to seeing you and helping you with any dental needs you may have.

Dr. Rainer Bergmann and Dr. Carolyn Izu opened our Palm Desert office in 1985. They have built the practice as a place where you can receive comprehensive dental services of the highest quality in a friendly and caring environment.

Both Dr. Bergmann and Dr. Izu have received numerous awards for their excellence in dentistry, and stay abreast of the latest in developments in advanced procedures to maintain the highest standards. They provide top-quality general and cosmetic dentistry, implant dentistry and full-mouth reconstruction services to the residents of Palm Desert, Coachella Valley and beyond.

Knowledgeable, Top-Quality Dentistry

About the Practice

Dr. Bergmann and Dr. Izu are highly skilled and experienced dentists.

Our doctors each have over 30 years of experience and have extensive training in dentistry. Dr. Bergmann is a prosthodontist, a specialist in the design, manufacture and placement of dental restorations, and he is highly skilled in the restoration and replacement of missing and broken-down teeth. He is additionally fully trained and holds a degree in periodontics.

For over 25 years, both doctors have been regular attendees at annual training conventions of the American Academy of Esthetic Dentistry. Dr. Bergmann is a member of this  exclusive organization that is limited to 110 fellows chosen from top dentists from around the world. It focuses on advancing the knowledge of the latest state-of-the- art cosmetic techniques and procedures.

Dr. Bergmann and Dr. Izu continually add to their knowledge through regular continuing education in advanced dental procedures. They incorporate the latest developments into their practice so they can always provide their patients with the best treatment that modern dentistry has to offer.

Comprehensive Services

About the practice

Our doctors will go over the results of your diagnostics and help you with any dental needs you may have.

Dr. Bergmann and Dr. Izu offer a full range of dental services to create healthy, beautiful smiles. They provide skilled cosmetic dentistry including crowns, bridges and porcelain veneers that are completely lifelike and made out of the finest materials.

Dr. Bergmann provides the entire range of dental-implant-supported replacement teeth, whether for a single tooth, several missing teeth or an entire dental arch. He is also an expert at fully reconstructing your entire smile using any one or a combination of our procedures as part of a custom full-mouth reconstruction program. Thanks to his experience and advanced training, he can treat the most complex cases and is able to restore any smile to full health, function and beauty.

Our friendly and experienced hygienists work with our doctors to provide thorough, gentle cleanings and effective, comfortable gum disease treatment. If you need help with pain or discomfort from TMJ (jaw joint) problems, our doctors can examine you and create custom-fitted night guards which provide relief in many cases.

Comfortable, Gentle and Relaxing Care

About the practice

Our doctors are friendly and provide comfortable, gentle care.

Our friendly staff, many who have been with us for 20+ years, will ensure that your visits are efficient and comfortable. They will help you with your paperwork, provide drinks and light snacks for refreshment, and help you with your scheduling arrangements. They will also provide you with pillows and blankets for extra comfort in the dental chair.

Our doctors are very warm and friendly and will really get to know you when you come in for treatment. They will listen to your goals and concerns and will always explain your treatment options in detail and in terms that you can understand. They take the time to answer your questions so you can feel at ease about your treatment.

We also have sedation as needed for longer procedures or for patients who need extra help with anxiety. Our sedation options include oral sedation and IV sedation administered by a qualified dental anesthesiologist, who is so skilled and gentle that our patients often call him their best friend.

High-Tech Tools for Precision Treatment

About the practice

We use advanced, 3D imaging technology to get an accurate view of your entire mouth and jaw area.

Dr. Bergmann and Dr. Izu use advanced technology to make your procedures exceptionally precise and minimally invasive. Our digital X-ray uses only a fraction of the radiation of traditional X-ray devices and produces sharp images that can be magnified for closer inspection.

When planning dental implant treatment, Dr. Bergmann arranges for patients to get a 3D CT scan of their jaw bone, teeth and surrounding structures. The scan produces crisp 3D images in 360° views. From these images, he can precisely plan out the placement of your dental implants where they will be most stable and most suitable for an aesthetic dental restoration.

Dr. Bergmann uses a special high-magnification surgical microscope for detailed, close-up views when preparing and placing your restorations. With the microscope, he meticulously sculpts your dental restorations so the porcelain margins fit perfectly just under your gumline, leaving no gaps with your natural teeth. This makes your dental work look totally natural and prevents bacteria from sticking to the glass-like surface of your new teeth, thus preventing bacteria from accumulating and causing decay.

Dental Implant Solutions for Missing Teeth

About the Practice

Dr. Bergmann will meticulously plan out every aspect of our treatment using advanced implant planning software.

Dr. Bergmann will meticulously plan every aspect of your dental implant treatment and guide you through the entire process. He will precisely determine the placement positions of your implants in partnership with a local periodontist or oral surgeon who will perform the surgery. He will carefully design, create and place the crowns, bridges or full-arch replacement teeth that the implants will support.

Dr. Bergmann provides many types of full-arch, implant-supported replacement teeth, including fixed and removable options. He uses high-quality materials to ensure that your new teeth will be strong, durable and look completely natural. Thanks to modern implant techniques, you can receive any needed extractions, have all your implants placed and walk out of our office with a functional set of replacement teeth all on the same day.

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