Same-Day Fixed-In New Teeth in Palm Desert

Dr. Bergmann creates implant-supported, fixed-in teeth that are stable and provide great chewing power.

Implant-Supported, Fixed-In New Teeth in One Day

Whether you are already wearing dentures or need an entire arch of teeth replaced, Dr. Bergmann can give you a complete set of new teeth that are stably fixed onto your arch, have close to full chewing power and look totally natural. He will use dental implants to fix your new teeth into place, and in many cases you can receive your implants and new, functional teeth on the same day!

Your implant-supported, fixed-in new dentures will allow you to eat any foods you want. There will be no false palate that covers the roof of your mouth (as with regular dentures), so you will be able to fully enjoy your food.  Additionally, implant-supported teeth provide the chewing and biting stimulation needed to help prevent future bone loss in your jaw.

Specialized expertise in implant-supported new teeth

Same-Day Fixed-In New Teeth

Dr. Bergmann will guide your treatment from start to finish.

Dr. Bergmann has an exceptional level of expertise in planning your dental implant treatment and creating your new teeth.

As a prosthodontist, he is a recognized specialist in the planning and creation of dental restorations and in the replacement of missing teeth. He also has several years of advanced training in the field of implant dentistry, making him uniquely qualified to guide your dental implant treatment from start to finish, no matter how complex your case.

After a thorough, comprehensive exam, Dr. Bergmann will explain all your treatment options fully and lay out a detailed, custom treatment plan to restore your smile to full health, function and beauty. He will answer all your questions and guide you through your treatment every step of the way.

High-quality materials for durable, aesthetic results

Dr. Bergmann can craft your new teeth out of a variety of high-quality dental materials. For example, he can create your set of teeth entirely out of zirconia, an extremely lifelike and strong, wear-resistant porcelain that is among the latest advancements in dentistry. For the ultimate natural look that most closely mimics natural tooth enamel, he can add veneers made from a more translucent porcelain on top of each zirconia tooth.

Depending on your preferences and budget, Dr. Bergmann can also craft your teeth out of other materials, such as CAD/CAM milled zirconia teeth over a titanium core or high-quality, medical-grade acrylic. When fixed-in teeth are made out of porcelain, they are generally known as implant-supported bridges, and when they are removable and made from acrylic, they are known as implant-supported dentures. No matter your preference, Dr. Bergmann will ensure that your teeth are stable and well-fitting, and look beautiful.

How Our System Works

You will receive between five and eight implants strategically placed on your dental arch to fully support a new set of replacement teeth. The exact number of implants placed will depend on your specific needs.

Your replacement teeth will be meticulously crafted at a top-quality lab to Dr. Bergmann’s design and specifications. Each part of the procedure is very precisely planned and executed to ensure a durable and natural-looking outcome.

Meticulous diagnostics and planning

Same-Day Fixed-In New Teeth

Dr. Bergmann uses advanced 3D imaging technology to meticulously plan out your treatment.

To determine the precise number of implants needed and where to place them, Dr. Bergmann will arrange for a 3D CT scan of your jaw, teeth and surrounding structures at a local facility. The scan will show where your bone is most dense and will provide the greatest stability for the placement of implants, allowing for accurate planning. You will also receive a thorough and comprehensive oral exam to rule out any conditions that may need to be addressed first, such as gum disease, caries or root canal problems.

Dr. Bergmann will partner with a trusted local implant placement specialist for the placement of your implants. In coordination with the implant placement specialist, our doctor will precisely plan where the implants will be positioned and how many will be used. He will also determine if any bone grafting will be needed to augment implant stability.

Designing your new teeth

Dr. Bergmann will take the necessary impressions for fabricating your new teeth. Fixed temporary restorations will keep you comfortable throughout the course of treatment while implants and bone heal. This also serves as a test and aesthetic blueprint for the final teeth. He will use that information and the 3D CT scan images to design a full-arch set of very well-fitting, natural-looking replacement teeth that will be meticulously crafted at our top-quality dental lab.

Preparing you for the procedure

Dr. Bergmann will see you the day before your implant surgery for a trial fitting of your temporary new teeth. He will adjust them as necessary so they will fit perfectly and be maximally comfortable. He will also answer any further questions you may have about what is going to happen during your procedure so you know what to expect and can feel at ease.

Implants and new teeth on the same day

On the day of your surgery, your implant placement specialist will perform any needed extractions and place your implants. Immediately after you receive your implants, Dr. Bergmann will place a temporary set of teeth that you will wear while your implants heal and fully integrate with your bone.

Your temporary teeth will have been carefully crafted to closely resemble the final version, resulting in an immediate improvement in your appearance. While you are wearing your temporary teeth, Dr. Bergmann will take note of any further adjustments that need to be made so that he can make sure that your finals are exactly right.

Follow-up visits

Dr. Bergmann will see you in follow-up visits to check the bite and fit of your temporary teeth and make note of any alterations needed for your finals. He will then have your final teeth crafted at our dental lab according to his instructions.

Your beautiful new teeth

Once your implants have fully healed, Dr. Bergmann will permanently fix your final new teeth into place. They will fit comfortably and look totally natural and aesthetic. With your new fixed-in teeth, you will be able to eat, talk and smile with confidence like before!

Complimentary Dental Implant Consultation

If you are wearing dentures or need some or all of your teeth replaced, come and see us for a Complimentary Dental Implant Consultation. You can find out if you are a candidate for dental implants and Same-Day Fixed-in New Teeth, and learn more about your options. Your consultation will include:

  • Visual oral exam
  • Limited X-rays as needed
  • Consultation with the doctor
  • Find out more about dental implants
  • Discuss your treatment options
  • Get all your questions answered

To make an appointment, call 760‑349‑7100 or click here to request an appointment online.