Skilled Expertise and Experience in Saving Teeth

bergmann-izuOur doctors are dedicated to helping you keep your own natural teeth healthy for life whenever possible, and they are highly skilled in saving teeth that would normally be considered beyond repair.

Rather than extracting teeth and replacing them with dental implants or bridges, they will perform thorough treatment whenever possible. They are often able to save compromised teeth, even in cases where decay or injury is extensive.

Both of our doctors are skilled and meticulous in their work, and will take the time necessary to repair your teeth with great attention to detail. Dr. Izu and Dr. Bergmann work closely together on individual cases and share the philosophy of helping our patients keep their own, natural teeth.

Skilled Specialist in Aesthetic and Functional Tooth Restoration

As a prosthodontist, Dr. Bergmann is a certified specialist in the aesthetic and functional restoration of teeth to full health, and he is frequently able to save teeth that few dentists could. His special training and skills allow him to preserve as much of your natural tooth structure as possible, even in situations that are considered extremely challenging.

Surgical microscope for ultimate precision

microscopeDr. Bergmann uses a special surgical microscope to perform restorative procedures. The microscope enables him to see the teeth and gums in great detail and to place crowns or other restorations with a highly precise fit, thus preventing possible future complications from bacteria accumulating under the restorations.

Treating patients who are at risk for complications

Dr. Bergmann’s skills are also invaluable in situations where a patient is not able to undergo tooth extraction due to risk of complications because of a major medical condition. For example, patients who have undergone radiation therapy as part of cancer treatment may not be able to receive extractions and implants. Dr. Bergmann is often able to help such patients restore their mouth to full health without the need for any extractions.

Come and See Us for a Free Second Opinion

If you have been told you need dental extractions or a specific type of treatment, you can come in for a Complimentary Consultation and get a second opinion from Dr. Izu or Dr. Bergmann at no charge. The doctor will examine you and give you a detailed explanation of your treatment options.

To make an appointment, call 760‑349‑7100 or click here to request an appointment online.